Congratulations to all of the candidates who ran for office and won.

I also want to thank those who put themselves out there to run for office and came up short. We all worked hard to get our folks elected. This includes those who worked at the Carroll County Headquarters in Conway, folks who put out yard signs, those who helped with door knocking and so many other things which made our candidates successful.

Karen Umberger (District 2) and Mark McConkey (District 3) will be returning to the State House. Senator Bradley also won big. Congratulations to Joe Kenney who is our new Executive Counselor. Kim Tessari and Matthew Plache won seats on the County Commission. Dominic Richardi, Lisa Scott, Joe Costello and Meg Lavender were unopposed and retained their positions.

It was a great election for State offices. We handily flipped both the State Senate and House of Representatives from democrat to republican. Gov Sununu will now have the support necessary to move the Republican agenda forward.