The Trump billboard in Bartlett equates to Freedom of Speech
by Steven H. Steiner Chairman

I’m responding to Laura Slitt’s letter regarding the Trump Billboard

It’s simple. It’s called Freedom of Speech. It’s up to the owner of the billboard. Slitt’s demand to take the billboard down is cancel culture at its most offensive. Does she not believe in the First Amendment? Does she not believe in private property? If it were a Planned Parenthood sign, would she be OK with it? Ya’ she would. But that billboard would be offensive to many Christians and pro-life folks. If she persists with her vigilante rants, she will richly deserve the law’s response.

In point of fact, Ms. Slitt, the election was stolen in many ways. Did you read the article from Time magazine entitled, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”? It clearly documents a conspiracy was afoot and we only see it because the conspirators so wanted to boast about their clever manipulation of voting laws done on the pretext of the virus. We further know that Big Tech, the Big Corporations, and the media all conspired together to ensure a Biden win, right down to the embargoing of stories about Hunter Biden that might have tipped undecided voters. I would remind you that Hunter Biden is still receiving money from China. How ’bout that? And did you not see the video from Georgia of poll workers on election night taking ballots from under tables and running them over and over again in the Dominion machines when they thought no one was watching them? What about the seven states that didn’t follow their constitutions and their own election laws?

Do you understand what’s going on right now in Windham? A Democrat requested a recount. After the hand count, election officials found the Dominion machines had shorted each Republican about 300 votes. Even then, the Democrat lost. The machines are Accuvote/Diebold. Diebold’s intellectual property is now owned by Dominion. Sound familiar? Are you following the controversies swirling around Dominion nationwide? Watch “Absolute Proof,” produced Mike Lindell. There are (at least) 74+ MILLION voters who know they voted for Trump. Nobody knows how many votes Biden got. And not all the Trump voters were Republicans. Many were Democrats, Independents, and just first time voters. We are not gunslinger mobs. The capital riot had many instigators and the FBI now says it was planned. Planned! That proves It was not a result of Trump’s speech. Truth will be told as more information leaks out. But it’s clear that the impeachment was as fraudulent as Biden’s presidency.

We are not socialists and we’re not “America lasters.” We are not for killing pipelines and American jobs. Or American babies. We don’t want to keep schools closed. We don’t bow to China. We don’t shower Iran with cash enough to terrorize the Middle East and annihilate Israel. We’re not spending almost 2 trillion on Covid relief with only 8% going to Covid relief. We are for girls competing with girls, so we’re the New Feminists. We’re for fracking and natural gas, and we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint for years, so I guess we’re the New Environmentalists. We are for ethics in the White House, not payoffs from Ukraine and the CCP. Trump and his family stopped ALL their foreign business. You can’t say that about the Bidens. We didn’t pick Rachel Levine, a transgender from Pennsylvania. He/she took her mother out of a nursing home while he/she ordered long-term care facilities to accept Covid patients who were being discharged from hospitals. The PA Attorney General has opened a criminal investigation of that travesty. So what are you talking about Laura? Are you all you Democrats just busy handing Emmy’s to Cuomo? Are you proud of Biden and his slurred Executive Orders? Are you part of the cover-up? Did you expect hear more from Biden last week? We all did. But apparently he was down in the White House basement sleeping through his first State of the Union address. No surprise.

One needs to ask why you display so much hate for Trump and his supporters. Stop with your hate and do what Biden proclaimed as his goal for the country. Help unite us. Join me in supporting SB 43 as amended and we will get to the bottom of the election mystery!

Steven H. Steiner
MWVGOP Chairman
(603) 333-1602